Young Living Distributor Incentive ~ Today ONLY

by ~Aunt Mae (~Mrs. R) on April 30, 2013

UPDATE: see below for details.
I have a great incentive for anyone who has been interested in signing up as a Young Living distributor but just hasn’t yet for one reason or another.

For today (April 30, 2013) ONLY, for the very next person who signs up under me with the Everyday Oils kit you would receive the following ~ FREE!

Along with the (over) 400 page reference guide a $34.95 value;
you would be eligible to use a $30 voucher off your enrollment free,
a 5 ml bottle of Purification an $8.25 value;

And with a PV order of 190 you would get
a 15 ml bottle of Aroma Siez a $41.45 value;
a 15 ml bottle of Citrus Fresh a $20.07 value;

these next items are being added to what you would get from your $190 PV order, which your kit counts towards -
a cloth roll up (great for carrying oils) a $6.99 value;
100 empty capsules (ONLY YL is safe for internal use) a $3.15 value;
two roll on lids for making your favorite oils into a roll-on;
a strip of labels for the 9 everyday oils!

That is OVER $114 in free products and supplies!

UPDATE & More Below: This just in! If you sign up with the Everyday Oils kit you will be entered in a drawing for a small Essential Oils rack.  I LOVE mine!!

Remember the voucher, Purification oil, cloth roll up, capsules, roll on lids and labels are good only to the very next person who signs up under me (Aunt Mae’s #), with the Everyday Oils kit and TODAY only.

The $190 PV incentive is for anyone who has an order of that size in the month of April.  The Reference Guide & EO rack drawing is for anyone who signs under me with the Everyday Oils kit.

No pressure, but I like free things and if I was thinking about signing up this would get me even more excited!!

ID # AUNT MAE’S (AUNTMAES) – 1431884

There may be a warning when you click on my link.  That is because it is taking you to a secure Young Living page with my distributor number in the proper places.

If you chose to not use my link you can access the sign up page here
(you still have to click on the tab at the bottom which takes you to the exact same page as my link does, but without my numbers already entered) and you must use my distributor # 1431884 as enroller and sponsor.

I would love to have you as a part of my team!!

The free bottle of Purification oil and the $30 voucher portions of my offer have been taken. BUT…

* you can still get the Reference guide (when you have signed up under me & only with the Everyday Oils kit)
* you can still get the Citrus Fresh & Aroma Seiz oils with your $190 PV order (part of which can be your kit PV value)
*you can still get the *extras* offered (above the EOs) for the $190 PV order when you sign up under me
*you can still get entered into a drawing for an EO rack with the $190 PV order when you sign up under me
These offers are for today ONLY ~ April 30, 2013.

Blessings, ~Aunt Mae


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