Valentine’s Day 2013

by ~Aunt Mae (~Mrs. R) on March 15, 2013

Valentine’s Day 2013

That *day* was not a big deal for us.  We didn’t go out to eat . much preferring my home cooked dinners.

The Patriarch never gave me flowers though I did get special hand-drawn cards with original poetry on occasion (which I have kept!).

Sometimes he would find cards, notes, little ‘Love Bugs’ candy or other surprises in his lunch. One year I wrote a variety of short notes on strips of colored paper and hid them in his lunch, work truck and tool box.  That thoughtful man kept those little notes for many years. Made me smile when I discovered he had kept them.  :-)

One year we had made our Valentine’s Day *plans*.  I was going to make a nice family dinner and then we were going to watch some of the early Mickey Mouse cartoons.  “Steamboat Willy” being one of our favorites.   It was an evening we all looked forward to.   The Patriarch came home and told me the guys at work were discussing what they were doing or getting for their wives for Valentine’s Day.  He told them what our plans were and they were quite surprised.  They even asked him, “Is she OK with that?”  We laughed over that one.  Yes I was very OK with that!  It was an enjoyable evening spent with my two favorite guys.  :-D

The only part of *that* day that is special for us ~  it was the day we decided to get married in 1987.  But we didn’t make a big deal out of that even.  It wasn’t the day we decided to get married that was important for us but that we were married.  The Patriarch wasn’t a romantic kind of guy.  He kept my vehicle in good working order (changing the oil, tune ups, belt replacements, etc) to show me he loved me and he always came home to me.  All of those things I am very thankful for.

And I am thankful that days like Valentine’s weren’t made much of, it wasn’t a big deal that it came and went.

Blessings, ~Aunt Mae

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