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YL Rosewood EO and Limited Special Offer

by ~Aunt Mae (~Mrs. R) on July 22, 2013

At Young Living we are committed to being responsible stewards of the environment and taking great care to preserve and protect our natural resources. These core values are demonstrated by our Seed to Seal philosophy, which promotes sustainable farming and sourcing practices, while enabling us to produce the most potent essential oils in the world. [...]


Young Living Releases New Enrollment Kits!

by ~Aunt Mae (~Mrs. R) on July 15, 2013

Starting with Young Living just got even BETTER!!  There is no better time to get started with Young Living than today. Young Living has just released their new membership kits and what was great has gotten even better! This is the Basic Kit.  This now includes packets of essential oil samples to hand out as [...]


My Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis/Hypothyroidism Battle

by ~Aunt Mae (~Mrs. R) on July 13, 2013

Young Living Thyromin Capsules Natural help for your thyroid! Today’s guest post is by a dear lady who suffered for years… needlessly.  All due to the medical establishment’s lack of training/understanding on the thyroid & testing.  That is one of the major reasons I firmly believe it is so important to take responsibility for our [...]


Kicking the New Age Out of Old Age Healing

by ~Aunt Mae (~Mrs. R) on July 8, 2013

Today’s guest post takes a look at essential oils with a biblical outlook. Enjoy. Blessings, ~Aunt Mae Just in case you wondered, you are not God.  If you don’t believe me, ask your husband.  Neither are there little pieces of God scattered throughout the universe. Splendor.  Beauty.  Expanse.  As amazing as that rock formation is, Godcreated it; [...]


Burns, YLEOs & Limited Time Special Offer

by ~Aunt Mae (~Mrs. R) on May 25, 2013

Phew. I have been known to burn myself while cooking and baking before… but this takes the cake… er, um… cookie! The Patriarch hated to see me get burned. He always felt so badly and wanted to make it all better.  But… I would get burned despite what precautions I took.  One tiny slip of [...]


What is ‘Therapeutic Grade’?

by ~Aunt Mae (~Mrs. R) on May 17, 2013

What is ‘Therapeutic Grade’? The following is a modified version of a Guest Post from Robin Phillips at Grasping the Essence Since the term “therapeutic grade essential oils” is not regulated by any independent group, what do I mean when I use the term? And what is the difference between the therapeutic grade essential oils provided [...]


What are Essential Oils?

by ~Aunt Mae (~Mrs. R) on May 17, 2013

About Essential Oils  Therapeutic grade essential oils are much more than some sort of glorified perfume. They are a healing, soothing, stress-reducing, health inducing, and downright powerful gift from God. Many oils have properties that are anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-microbial, and the list goes on. Some are known to help coagulate blood, stimulate circulation, relieve congestion, [...]


Earn Rewards!

by ~Aunt Mae (~Mrs. R) on May 17, 2013

The Essential Rewards Program If you hate all things natural, can’t stand saving money, detest getting a package in the mail once a month, and love synthetic, chemically processed toxic air fresheners and home products, please don’t read this: If you’re like me, you need to like to budget for what you need each month. [...]


Young Living Distributor Incentive ~ Today ONLY

by ~Aunt Mae (~Mrs. R) on April 30, 2013

UPDATE: see below for details. I have a great incentive for anyone who has been interested in signing up as a Young Living distributor but just hasn’t yet for one reason or another. For today (April 30, 2013) ONLY, for the very next person who signs up under me with the Everyday Oils kit you [...]


Hospitals Are Using Young Living EO

by ~Aunt Mae (~Mrs. R) on April 29, 2013

This is an amazing article, showing how hospitals are using essential oils!  What I found encouraging is that the hospitals are ONLY using the Young Living oils because of their purity and their very high quality standards.   Yet another reason I am glad I am a part of Young Living! If you have wondered [...]

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